Rutherford Beach, Louisiana

On September 24, 2005, Hurricane Rita blew through Rutherford Beach, Louisiana and she took everything in her wake.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Missing Rutherford Beach

I've scoured the net and found pictures of Cameron, Creole, Holly Beach......all places that we know and love, but nothing concerning Rutherford Beach, a small seaside community south of Oak Grove and Creole, Louisiana.

So here's our story:
My family has been going to Rutherford Beach since the 1960's and in 1995 my parents bought a piece of property with a trailer on it. My brother bought Mr. Rutherford's original camp next to that in 2002 and did extensive remodeling on it for the next 2 1/2 years. Just the weekend before Hurricane Katrina hit in August, my brother was putting the final touches on his place and my sister was making plans to replace her trailer with an elevated camp. When we left to go home that weekend, we grabbed a few personal items out of the trailer in case of any storm surge from Katrina.

We never made it back to Rutherford Beach before Rita hit.

I never dreamed that last weekend in August that it would be the last time we ever saw our camps.

Here are some before and after pictures from August and October 2005:

Our trailer on the beach....before Rita

and one week after Rita hit.

My brother and his wife's home-away-from-home,
before Rita........

......after Rita.

The neighbors to the west of us, before......

.....and after.

The neighbors to the east of us before Rita......

....and after Rita.

The neighbors behind us, before.....

....and after.

Please don't forget about ALL of our friends and neighbors in Southwest Louisiana.